Friday, October 1, 2010

Sports teams affiliated with Buffalo or Bison.

Basically the criteria was a professional, minor or college/university team that either had Buffalo or Bison in it's name or was using either as it's mascot.

Professional Sports:

In the NHL you have the Buffalo Sabres

In the NFL you have the Buffalo Bills

In the NBA you have the Oklahoma Thunder
* -

*While it seems odd since a Buffalo/Bison would appear to have nothing to do with their name, apparently their mascot is in fact a Bison named Rumble.

In Triple AAA baseball you have the ultimate mix, the Buffalo Bisons

University/College Programs:

University of Manitoba Bisons

Colorado Buffaloes -

Bucknell Bisons -

North Dakota State University - 

Gallaudet University

Howard University -

Lipscomb University

Harding University -

West Texas A&M -

Marshall University -

Are there any professional, minor or university/college teams that I've left off?

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  1. Chicago Bulls, Buffalo Bulls and South Florida Bulls


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